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July 28 2016

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New research led by Kazuo Fujita of Kyoto University has found that your dog is the best wing person. The researchers tested three groups of 18 dogs by putting them in rooms with their owners as well as two strangers. The owners were tasked with opening a box, and solicited help from the two other people in the room (sometimes they would help and sometimes they would refuse). After watching their owners either be rebuffed or aided, the dogs were offered food by the strangers — and were much more likely to ignore the stranger who had been unkind to their owner.

this is the kind of groundbreaking scientific research I want to see

wheres my fav caption that goes “yaaaaas drag him fluffly”

June 13 2016

June 12 2016



there are eleven types of people in the world those that understand roman numerals and those that don’t

this post was a mistake stop reblogging it

June 11 2016





End of the School Year 📚

The a C C u r a C y

Tag Yourself I’m the Naruto Run


June 02 2016

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No matter how many times I see this, I still can’t decide whose face is the best.

May 13 2016

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Man, that’s one bitter sign writer right there.

Just, damn.


I don’t understand American nationalism one bit

Space exploration? “We’re number 1!”

Sports? “We’re number 1!!”

Military hardware? “WE’RE NUMBER 1!!!”

Feeding and sheltering even the poorest of their citizens? “Um, excuse you, some people deserve to starve to death”

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Misha is such a little shit and I love it


it would suck being a new immortal. like it’d be 2109 and people would go, “what was it like seeing ancient civilizations rise and fall like that? seeing the pyramids being built? watching the expansion and growth of the new world?” and i’d just be like, “no…no i was born in 1991. so like, wow i’m gonna see some cool stuff, but, i mean i’m not that much older than just a really, really old person, you know? phones were big back then. so big. but only for like ten years, then they got like, as good as they are now. uh. rhinos existed. don’t think i ever saw one in person. cool, good talk.”

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By The Art of Omar Rayyan

I like the fact that Satan probably knew it was a typo but sent a gift anyway.




What diversity actually is:

How Hollywood sees diversity:

I can’t believe people can get the point across with crackers.

Another way Hollywood sees diversity


“i can see your bra” good. its cute and i paid $50 for it.

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Watch a Powerful Poem by Porsha Olayiwola 

In her own words, “Black, poet, dyke-goddess, hip-hop feminist, womanist, friend, Porsha Olayiwola is a performance artist who believes in pixie dust and second chances”. Her powerful poetry has led to her becoming the 2014 Individual World Poetry Slam Champion, as well as a finalist at the 2012 Women of the World Poetry Slam tournament. The poem “Water” spills light on the real origin of why Black people avoid water.

Full video


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This story happened several years ago when I worked in a small town 2-man hardware store.

One of the services we offered that you can’t get at the big city box stores is window repair. Basically, you could bring in your sash with a broken pane and we’d replace any broken parts and the glass. Total cost was the price of the glass plus $3 labor… we certainly weren’t getting rich off of the deal but that type of service kept our customers happy and coming back.

One day a man who only shopped with us once or twice a year brought in a small aluminum framed window off of his storm door which had a broken glass and corner clip busted. I put his name on some masking tape and stuck it on the broken glass, told him how much it would be (I don’t remember exactly but it was around $8.50), told him it would be ready the next day, and then set it on the work counter to fix when we weren’t busy with customers.

About 2 weeks later he shows up for the window. I go to the back to get it, put it on the work counter, and go back to the cash register to ring it up for the total I quoted earlier. All of the sudden he starts throwing a fit saying that’s way to much for a piece of glass. I explained how it’s $3 labor plus the price of the glass. He then goes into a tirade about how the big box center in the city 20 miles away sells glass for a lot less and I should drop my price to meet theirs. Now I knew my competition and I knew for a fact 1) our glass was cheaper, 2) they don’t cut the glass, and 3) they would never go to the trouble to repair the window, let alone do it for $3.

I stand my ground with him and tell him it’s $8.50. Oh hell no, he’s having nothing to do with that. He wants it cheaper. Finally, I figure shit, I have lost nothing if he never came back so I walked the few steps back to the work counter, grab a hammer, and smash the glass with 5 or 6 good blows right in front of him. The glass covered the work counter which was no big deal to me, it happens all the time. I will never forget the look on his face when I handed him his frame and tell him, “no charge.”

He just stood there looking at me in disbelief. I thanked him for the opportunity to earn his business and told him, “You’re just going to have to go to that big box store to get it fixed now. They’ll save you lots of money.”


I got diagnosed with colour blindness the other day. It really came out of the purple

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